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The Mobairuentame Blog: All about the Korean automakers Hyundai & Kia. Spy-shots, reviews, lastest news, interviews and more. Copyright © 2010-2014 The Mobairuentame Blog. All Rights Reserved.

This blog was born from the initiative of 2 persons that even though they live in different continents, they share the same passion for two brands, Hyundai and Kia, today now together.
Jose Antonio Lopez, known in various forums as “loubeat”, born in Spain, since a kid he was growing this passion for this brand, thanks to the Kia Shuma, a car that he share 11 years of his life, and now he is a happy owner of a Kia cee’d .
Erick Uceda, also known in various forums as “LePapirrikY’, born in Peru but american nationalize, who acquire his first Korean car, Kia Rio, in which with the time he grown a passion and saw a greater possibility of modification.

They decided to create The Mobairuentame Blog, an informative blog in which you can find the latest news, test drives, spy shots and/or curiosities about all the vehicles of these two brands that arrives to North America and European continent, and with the help of your comments we can create a big united community for the passion of said brands.

Greetings everyone!

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