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Hyundai RM16 Could Be a Real Production Model


Hyundai RM16 is an example of Hyundai working very hard for a succesful new sub-brand, N Performance, and recently they showed us they are serious about their commitment with the RM 16 in Nürburgring.

Some of you remember the concept model RM16 and lets be honest, how could we forget it? We all were excited when it was shown at the Busan Motorshow this year. It was one of the biggest surprise that the RM models were still up in Hyundai’s mind. But as most of you guys thought, this was just another concept model that you might not see in the near future as we also thought the same thing.

Hyundai is very close to releasing the first N Performance in the form of i30 which is basically a fun car to drive, as they mentioned,  meaning it has been upgraded on the suspension as well as the exhaust tone giving that racing feel.

Now this time we are seeing the RM16 model at Nürburgring, RM stands for rear mid engine for the Hyundai models and this prototype looks like a Beast! Not only design wise but performance should be on par as what we have seen on their concept models. Aggressive front and rear bumper, wider fenders on the front and back and big scoops for engine to breath in some cold air. It is said this model is the straight competition to the Focus RS, having a turbocharged engine pushing 300 horsepower.

This is the first we have seen a RM model in Nürburgring, we previously have caught them in Korea driving around the town but nothing else. Seen this prototype at the Green Hell gives us big hopes for production model in the future.

How many of you would like to see a mid engine Hyundai?






























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