Genesis G70 spotted with interior picture

The Genesis G70 was found again on the road and its going through more test before its officially shown.

As everyone know the G70 was inspired by the concept model New York Concept shown at the New York Autoshow in 2016 and this concept for sure capture everyone attention at the autoshow. Genesis presented a very futuristic model with a lot of new technology inside but a very refined interior and some aggresive lines outside.




The Genesis brothers, G90 and G80, were models on Hyundai line up and were given a refresh look to be introduced at Genesis Motors compare to the G70 which is a all-new development. Following the Genesis Motors trend, we can expect this model to have rear-wheel drive with the option for all-wheel drive.

At the interior pictures even though we couldnt get the dashboard pictures, we got the rear passenger side of the car and comparing it to the concept we couldnt find any similarities. The design is very modern

We are also expecting the Genesis G70 coupe model, to replace the already the discontinued Genesis Coupe at Hyundai. And with this model we might see the 3.3 twin-turbo engine found at the G90 and the G80 sport.



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  • J.R.

    Better to judge the design after seeing it in flesh. One thing that bothers me is the cheap looking interior materials as seen in these pictures…. hope it is different in production form.

    • Unfortunately these model we spy, it’s pretty much the production models. There won’t be any major changes unless it’s really needed.

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