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2018 Kia Sorento Spotted with camouflage


What we are seeing here might the new 2018 Kia Sorento, this Sport Utility Vehicle here might have some surprises for you to find out even with all the Sweden snow covered up.

It was two years ago when Kia Motors presented us with the new Generation of the Kia Sorento, codename UM, in South Korea. Then it reaches USA shores and its the second Kia model currently been made at Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia (KMMG) located at West Point, Georgia.

On the outside of the Sorento a lot new changes were made, larger tiger nose grill, LED DRL, LED tailights and the very popular “Ice Cubes” foglights found at the Kia Optima giving the Sorento a more aggresive and sleek appareance. A lot of improvements were made to the aerodynamics of the new Sorento, such as the stronger shoulders, long hood and longer wheelbase, some of those are evolutions coming from the Concept Model Cross GT. Let’s not forget the increased amount of new high-strength steel and structural reinforcement Kia added to the Sorento improving the torsional rigidity. At the hood, Kia Introduced a new engine for the new generation and it was the 2.0L Turbocharged engine which is offered at the EX and Limited models.

Now lets talk about these pictures. Unfortunately in these pictures its hard to distinguish the changes done to the Sorento, not only the front is covered with a lot of camouflage but also thick layers of snow after been driven for many miles for its winter test in Sweden. But we can expect some changes done to the front to distinguish between models, also interesting most of these Sorento were riding on their premium wheels.

Something that caught our attention was their little sign card giving this Sorento a new code name, which is QM, most of the time they will keep the same codename when it comes to facelifts but giving a new codename its giving us a hint that this might be re-enginereed Sorento. Unfortunatelly we havent heard a complete list of changes done to the new Sorento, but we can expect some changes to the interior for a more luxurious look probably following the new Mohave style in South Korea. Something we heard is this model might not hit the show rooms until 2018, so might see more of this model in the wild.

Erick Uceda

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