Video: Take a Closer Look into the Kia K5

After Kia revealed the new generation Kia K5 (also called Optima) in Seoul and New York AutoShow’s, we created a post about which one you like more, between the two diffent models launched by Kia in South Korea, Modern & Extreme. So today we will share with you two videos of the Kia K5 where you can see closer thanks to our korean blogger & friend .

If you cannot remember the differences, Kia used side air vents on the bumpers to create a wider image with this elements and the latest reinterpretation of the Tiger-Nose (who said Kia lose its identity with this movement?) Also in the Modern (to be clear, the white, also called MX) used a three LED fog ligths while for the Sport is not provided. 

Side view looks the same except for the alloy wheels, but if you follow us in , yesterday we published a K5 Modern was spotted in South Korea with more nicer wheels.

Rear end looks different in the Sport model where you can find a aluminum painted air deflector and dual exhaust pipe. Enjoy the videos and tell us your opinion! 😉

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  • John copland

    Fog lights look great gives it a sportier look. The rear side quarter panel glass needs to go . Sales of the Optima will defiantly fall short like the Sonata..

  • Darius Davis

    I predict sales will follow suit of the Sonata as well. Such a shame that Kia and Hyundai took nearly all of the signature design elements out of the Sonata and Optima in an effort to tone down their appearance and “appeal” to a wider range of customers. The truth is these regular customers are beginning to want sporty styling as well. Hence the change up of the Camry, the addition of the highly successful Accord Sport trim and the the overall sportiness of the Altima.

    I hate to say it but I hope sales of the Optima mimic those of the Sonata forcing a redesign and that that redesign brings back the signature elements from the previous vehicles.

    • Jimbo

      Couldn’t agree more. THE ONLY upgrade is the interior. Exterior looks like a botched facelift. I fear this will happen to the upcoming Sportage as well: a toned down, boring and uninspiring design.

      • John copland

        it seems that way, to bad it was a fast and upcoming car company that will probably fall way behind.

    • John copland

      totally agree with you.

  • KCB75

    No car out there will appeal to EVERYBODY. Some will like it and some wont. IMO, this Optima is extremely stylish and very good looking. For sure way better than the Toyota/Lexus yawning hippopotamus grill.

  • M Fendie

    It such a shame. I liked the k5 sketched design concept much better which is very close to the sportspace concept. This production version should have stayed closed to it

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