2015 Kia K5 Modern vs. Sport, Which One You Like More

A week ago Kia revealed the 2nd generation 2015 Kia K5 (know as Optima in overseas markets). After a lot of comments and several reviews of how Kia reinterpreted one of its more succesful cars, we want to know your opinion between the two looks will be available on the new generation K5, Modern and Sport.

On the front end, Kia used side air vents on the bumpers to create a wider image with this elements and the latest reinterpretation of the Tiger-Nose (who said Kia lose its identity with this movement?) Also in the Modern (to be clear, the white, also called MX) used a three LED fog ligths while for the Sport is not provided.

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Side-view are the same except for the alloy wheel design, different designs available between the Sport & Modern variants (curious thing, Kia used the wheels of the Modern for the SXL US-market model, but not with the same front bumper as the Modern, while the SX US-market model used the same alloy wheels like the K5 Sport, and the Turbo logo on the side).

For the Korean-spec model Kia decided not to include denominations on the fake side air-intake like with the US-market model.

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Alongside, the rear end has small differences between Modern & Sport variants you can see so easy. The Sport model comes with a dual pipe exhaust plus an aluminum painted air deflector, while the Modern model had single exhaust, not air deflector. T-GDi emblem for the Sport, nothing for the Modern. About the interior, small differences on trims, leather accents with red stitching, not to much.

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Here you can enjoy the full gallery of live pictures courtesy of our good friend Mr. Kwak! 😉 Please tell us which one you prefer or any thoughts in the comments box below.

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  • MujihaD

    I like the lid lights on modern but i still like dual exhust so , do you they offer it in Modern

  • Kialover

    The white one would look better with the colour blue. But as i hate sedan forms i am so excited about the planned sportswagon.
    But i want to stress: The Novo concept is KIAs bright future. Nothing else.

    KIA forever.

  • BigBoy

    I like the Sport model with dual exaust i like the sport model moree…

  • John copland

    The side quater panel window has to go , it does not suit or fit the car ..

    • Jose Antonio López

      Yeah, it looks pretty weird, but I think this is because when you take a look to the side is like you’re looking to the current Optima, and that part not fit good there

  • John copland

    This can not be a Peter Schreyer design … This design is to blan…

    • Tiger Urrete

      It’s not bland if you look at it very well.
      Surface contrast is better than before and the lines are cooler.

    • Robert

      Just the opposite of bland, IMO. In fact, too much the opposite! Too much going on. The 2012-2014 had a real nice subdued style. Sleek and clean lines. These, not so much. Too glitzy and plastic looking. Of course, these are just the models all dressed up for the show/cameras. Should be interesting to see what the “real world” models ending up looking like.

  • Jimbo

    SX looks awful. Those side vents are PLASTIC by the way:

    MX looks significantly better. But still feels like a facelift rather than a complete redesign. The only reason it looks “OK” is because has not changed dramatically compared to the good looking current generation Optima.

    The wheels… those chrome wheels are hideous.

    Interior is a different story. It’s a great upgrade and I hope the quality is carried over to KIA’s other new cars.

    • Jose Antonio López

      Yeah, the MX with the SX wheels could be the beautiful Optima. Because I like the MX, except the chromed wheels. If the quality are close to the Sorento, it will be awesome!

    • Robert

      I agree on the wheels (both models). Hopefully they have other options to choose from.

  • Gilles

    Definitely the white model. I do not like those big air vents…

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  • Robert

    Yeah, what’s up with doing away with the dual exhaust? Throw the whole beautiful balance completely off!

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  • David Grein

    The instrument cluster is amazing! Designed for driver viewing and passenger can’t see speed over 45 mph. Saves a lot of copilot driving. Do not like cloth interior, looks niece but the beige interior shows stains teribly. Other than that very happy with 2015 Optima! Options for base LX model are awsome.

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