Exclusive: 2015 Hyundai Sonata LF Rear Picture [Updated with new pictures]

Just less than two days before the all-new Hyundai Sonata Launch Event scheduled for March 24, 2014. Today and thanks to LFSonata Fan Club we can share the first 7th generation Sonata rear picture.

Remember that we shared recently new spy photos of the 2015 Sonata in a South Korean Plant and Service Manual pictures (In these manual pictures we can see some details of the new generation Sonata like that will include HID-Bi Function Headlights, new interior pictures, detailed taillights, steering wheel, infotainment systems with Blue Link 2.0, odemeter, dashboard design, etc…).

Plus other possible variant of the Sonata spied with strong camouflage, where spy photographers said that it was a 2.0 T-GDi 274 hp variant including the first time seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission DCT (debut at the Geneva Motor Show few weeks ago). That variant is expected to debut later.

There are only a few days for the official debut and you can follow it from here! Hyundai Sonata LF Launch Event

Until that, what do you think about these new spy shots and Sonata’s rear design?

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  • Andrew

    Well then, it looks like I’ll be looking for a 2014 2.0t YF Sonata this summer. This is a total let down in my opinion.

    • Andrew

      I take it all back. Just saw the official images on lfsonataclub. Really like how it turned out!

  • Manning

    Whoever redesigned this Sonata’s tailights must be blind and/or not have left the basement in a very long time.

    • MeetTerry

      There were many spyshots of the Sonata even prior to the release of the new Corolla.

      I like the front fascia, however the rear has been starting to grow on me.

  • Marcel

    Does anyone else think the Hyundai logo needs an update? I feel as though the stylized H needs to be made straight. Of course then you would have everyone claiming they ripped off Honda, but what I’m trying to say is: it feels like it could use a tweak or two.

  • Luke

    How is it the “cheap” for China only Mistra turned out better looking then the Sonata. I’d much rather they offer that here under the Sonata name then what these spy shots are showing.

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